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At MCS Building Supply, we believe our team members deserve more than just a job. We believe in offering a happy work environment and a place where they can build a career. We are always seeking dedicated talent that possesses integrity, professionalism and the drive to succeed. Stop searching and apply here.

If we do not currently have any open positions, we will hold your resume on file for one year.

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Employee Testimonial:
Q: What’s your favorite thing about MCS and working in this industry?
A: I get along with everyone. It’s a good job and a great place to work. I like to joke around with people to make them smile…to hopefully make their day a little better.
Q: What makes for a perfect workday?
A: EVERYDAY is a good day. Keep a smile on your face and work on your mind. You see, I’m a changed man. God made me new.


-James Foley

Forklift Driver, MCS